Neko Case, Sinus Infections, and Global Warming

February 19, 2007 at 2:49 pm | Posted in LosAngeles | Leave a comment

Crazy whirlwind-weekend that was made more sur/un/hyper-real by my constant consumption of Actifed and related decongestants due to a terribly unpleasant sinus-infucktion. I hate the zombie-under-water feeling that those drugs give me, but I decided it was better than the head-in-a-vise/pressure-cooker feelings without it. Even now I’m struggling through my day-to-day in a fog, unable to think-up interesting diction or even string words together…

Saturday night we saw the insert adjective here Neko Case play the intimate Henry Fonda theater in Hollywood. And even though I was barely on my feet it was an awesome show. I really dig that theater, and if I have to go to a General Admission show the Henry Fonda is a good place to see one thanks to the roof-top bar, mezzanine seating, and well laid-out floor area. It was, unfortunately, about 600 degrees on the floor while we waited for her set, and we had to wait for a LONG time since Neko brought out Country-music legend Porter Wagoner (best know to the Hollywood hipster set as that guy who help Borat write songs on Da Ali G Show) to play a guest-set before she went one. Porter was supported by ex-Johnny Cash band-member Marty Stuart on his set, and Billy Bob Thorton (on drums) and Dwight Yokem (on bass.) A pretty cool Hollywood Easteregg to get the crowd pumped up for Neko’s set.

Neko’s got rolling just before 11 and her performance cut through the uncomfortable environment, technical issues (she was having difficulty with the monitors for the first 1/2 of the set) and her own fatigue (her 9th consecutive night playing a show) and really brought down the house. The set-list was very similar to last time’s and was a good mix of Fox Confessor and her earlier albums and she opened and closed with two of my favorite songs (“Things that Scare Me” and “John Saw That Number.”) Her band is fantastic, and the banjo/pedal-steel player, John Rauhouse can play the hell out of the motherfucking pedal guitar. And the Banjo. That guy rocks. She played a more banjo-heavy version of Maybe Sparrow (a lot like the version they played on Austin City Limits) and other highlights included a very powerful version of “Hold on Hold On” that blew me away. Neko is an amazing performer and a very unique songwriter that doesn’t get nearly the due she deserves.

Sunday I spent most of the day recouping on the couch and in the evening Jules and I finally got around to watching “An Inconvenient Truth” which was powerful and interesting and not nearly as terrifying as I expected (though the Melissa Ethridge-fuled end credits were a bit over-the-top.) If you haven’t seen it yet go watch it because if we don’t start doing something about the way we live we are going to be fucked. There are a couple of times in teh film where Al Gore says that Global Warming isn’t a political issue it is a moral issue and that is really true. It is tragic that it has been made into a political battle-ground when really we shouldn’t have to debate it. I mean there are polar bears who are drowning RIGHT NOW because their ice-floes are too far apart. What more do you need to know? FUCKING Polar Bears who are FUCKING drowning! That is just not right.


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