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Portishead live February 2007

Shitty video of an awesome impromptu Portishead performance at a club in February, their first performance together since the Tsumani relief show.


Quickie Thoughts on Zodiac

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Jules and I caught a showing of David Fincher’s Zodiac over the weekend, and, like Julie says, we had high expectations and it still managed to blow us away. I walked out of the theater thinking about the film and haven’t really stopped since. It has been catching a lot of flak from critics for being too long without a satisfactory resolution. I think that both of those claims are unfounded. It is long, (it runs for just over 160 minutes,) but it never FEELS long. From the first gunshot fired by the Zodiac in the prologue I was hooked; swept up in the films panic and obsession and desperation. The film’s energy and impact, and its greatest strength, comes from its unconventional structure. It is really a great film that goes so far above what we are used to seeing from Hollywood these days. I’d love to write a detailed review, but I really need to see it a 2nd time before I could do it justice. Fincher really stepped-up his game and focused on storytelling and characters above his personal style. A must-see, and you’d do good to see it in the theaters.

Neat Trick

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Does “Sift+F7” mean anything to you?  Chances are if you know it you know it as the shortcut for opening the thesaurus in MS Word.  Something that I do A LOT of.  Years ago, just hours before his wedding, I was helpign Beau put the finishing touches on his vows when he taught me a nifty trick that is one of my favorites to this day:  right-click on a work in MS Word and the contextual menu as a “synonyms” pop-out menu.  This is a fantastic extraordinary way to quickly “punch up” something you are working on in Word after you realize that you’ve used the same descriptor 4 or 5 times.

You Learn Something New Everyday.

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Hopefully. Today I learned that using Disk-Manager in Windows XP you can attach a (external)drive to a folder on your system drive so that when the external drive is plugged in, it will appear as if all its contents are in this other folder. The poser on this Ask Me-Fi topic says it better:

Provided your internal hard disk is formatted with NTFS, you can create an empty folder on that (say, C:\Backups) and use the Disk Management console to attach the [external drive] to that folder (either instead of or as well as giving it a drive letter). Any time the [external drive] is plugged in, all its files and folders will then appear to be inside C:\Backups regardless of drive letter shenanigans…

How awesome is that? What did YOU learn today?

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