I Feel All ‘Sploited…

April 9, 2007 at 2:50 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Caught “Grindhouse” over the weekend, and was pretty much floored by all 3-and-a-quarter-hours of it. The film is built around the gimmick of reproducing the 70s double-features of exploitation genre films shown at cut-rate theaters. The film does a remarkably good job at capturing the feel of 70s B-movies and it was very enjoyable. While I was reading about the movie (and how it did so poorly over the weekend) I found (via wikipedia of course,) an interesting quote by Tarantino from a Rollingstone article,

CGI for car stunts doesn’t make any sense to me—how is that supposed to be impressive? […] I don’t think there have been any good car chases since I started making films in ’92—to me, the last terrific car chase was in Terminator 2. And Final Destination 2 had a magnificent car action piece. In between that, not a lot. Every time a stunt happens, there’s twelve cameras and they use every angle for Avid editing, but I don’t feel it in my stomach. It’s just action.”

Bold words from QT, and I’ve been saying that the Death-Proof case is one of the best car-chases in recent memory, and perhaps it is the best chase since ’92… What else has there been? The only ones that come to mind for me right now are: Frankenheimer’s masterful case in “Ronin,” the finale of Greengrass’s “Bourne Supremacy,” and of course the freeway sequence from “The Matrix Reloaded” (which may have been loaded w/ CG but I certainly felt that in my stomach.)



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  1. Let’s go see it again! It was so awesome!

  2. The best car chase ever was in the film “Short Time” with Dabney Coleman. Not a great film, but the car chase was awesome.

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