I Don’t Get It.

June 6, 2007 at 12:08 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

The TVSquad blog just posted a story about a possible leak of the winner of FOX’s reality TV show “Hells Kitchen.”  And I had to ask my self “Does anyone CARE?”  Sometimes I think I’m the only one who still harbors an unyielding hatred for “Reality TV” programming.  I’m very tempted to drop a rant-bomb right here right now, but I’ll just ask a simple question instead.

Even if “Hells Kitchen” is your very favoritest show in the whole of the wasteland of Network television, do you REALLY care about who the winner is?  Isn’t the “enjoyment” of the show just watching the “contestants” flounder, fail, get yelled at, and (I suppose,) persevere? 

What am I missing?



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  1. While I have no idea what “Hell’s Kitchen” is, for the most part, I agree with your opinion of reality television. However, I totally enjoyed the first season of “Them Amazing Race” on DVD. After watching the whole season of one of these shows, you start to relate to some of the people and cheer for them. In addition, you develop a hatred for some of them like “Team Guido” in that first season of “The Amazing Race”. So at the end of the show, when it was narrowed down to three teams, I hated two of the three teams and was ecstatic when the one team I liked won.

  2. The fun is definitely in watching the contestants whine and struggle and have crappy stuff happen to them. Although, I fully admit the only reason I watch a couple of reality shows is so that I can read the recaps on Television Without Pity.

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