NicoGel?! WTF?

September 6, 2007 at 8:47 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

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During the blackout Jules and I stopped at the local 7-11 for supplies when I spied these small foil packets in a display on the counter. They advertised “cigarette satisfaction in a hand gel” and of course I had to buy a couple (I think they were around $.80 each.)

I’m not sure WHY one would want “cigarette satisfaction in a hand gel” apart from times when you can’t smoke, but the idea of drug-delivery in a topical gel was simply too cool to pass up.  And in doing some research into he product it seems to be marketed simply as a way for smokers to “beat the ban” and get their fix in public spaces, indoors, and anywhere else that you can no longer light-up.  Also, in addition to these single-use packs they also sell a 50-use pump-bottle.

The ingredients are listed as “water, extract of tobacco (40%v/v)…” and a whole host of alcohols and gums.  And the only directions are “open packet and rub contents into hands until gel is gone.”  I have yet to work up the nerve to open one of the packs and try out the gel, but when I do I’ll report back.



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  1. nice! but do you have to rub it into your hands? what about other body parts? :)

  2. That is disturbing… it will only be more disturbing if your follow up post is called “NicoGel FTW!”

  3. So it’s just tobacco flavored lotion? Why not just make tobacco energy drinks?… Hold on! That’s brilliant! I’m gonna go copyright that shit now.

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