Convenience Evolved

September 26, 2007 at 3:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Convenience Evolved
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The biggest videogame in the history of videogames was released yesterday (Halo 3 for those not keeping track) and I bought my copy from 7-11 on my way home from work when I stopped for redbulls and snacks.

Actually I stopped at an EB Games on my way home first and when I asked for a copy of Halo 3 the clerk asked if I had a preorder I could barely contain my sniggers. Then he told me that they only were selling it to people who preordered. I scoffed at the absurdity of that and left. Microsoft is supposedly shipping over 4 million copies of the game in the FIRST WEEK alone, and EB’s company line is they are only selling it to people who preordered?

So I stop at 7-11 on my way home and there is a modest stack behind the counter. I put my redbulls and Halo-themed doritos on the counter and ask for a copy of Halo 3 as well.

The clerk there had no idea what I was talking about. So I point to it and say one of those. “You know that is $60 right?” she replys completely flabergasted that I would be purchasing such a thing.

Whatever. It beats the hell out of parking at Target, giving BestBuy any money, or patronizing EB and their ridiculous preorder scheme. The quickly approaching future of direct-download videogame distribution makes me happy to be rid of the retail albatross.



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  1. Hell yeah. Finally, there’s a brick and mortar shop to buy videogames in downtown santa cruz. 7-fucking-11.

    well, one videogame. but still!

  2. Our friends Tommy and Chris were actually kinda pissed off by Halo 3 since they beat the game in like 7 hours. I know the game was catered to the xbox live players, but still…

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