Lets Try THIS Again, Shall We?

January 18, 2008 at 3:37 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I’ve said it before, but I’m going to put in more of an effort to actually post to the blog. So much to say that I get overwhelmed by actually saying it and end up not posting.

So, here is a braindump:

  • Vegas was tits. An amazing and ledgendary trip.
  • Bouchon was one of the big highlights of the trip. Kobe-style pork short-ribs cooked sous-vid for 36 hours. I’m dubbed the meal “The Incredible never ending porkathon.”
  • Halo3 is far funner than I had imagined it would be. Having a designated time to play set-up w/ a group helps a lot.
  • The Xbox360 in general is a blast. The funnest system since the dreamcast.
  • Rockband is an amazing and thrilling experience. Redefines the party-game genre.
  • I’ve been sick for nearly 3 months straight and I’m really fucking tired of it. Can’t wait to be able to smoke a cigar or (my recently revisited) pipe.
  • New Years Resolutions are, in no real order: buy less shit. Cook more and eat better. Try not to kill any polar bears (mainly by minimizing my use of plastic bags).
  • The D40 is still a joy and I’m getting some great results. Lets see if I can’t make some more $$ with it this year…
  • No Country For Old Men is the best movie of 2007, JUST beating out Zodiac
  • “In Rainbows” the new radiohead Album is awesome*awesome.  It is awesome squared.
  • The ‘television renaissance’ that I posited about in past years is dead and buried. TV is a fucking wasteland that has Jules and I seriously considering shit-canning cable and the beloved TiVo.
  • only 6 months way from THIRTY. Still coming to grips with that.
  • Lost is back in 2 weeks.
  • I hope the Cloverfield monster is Cthulhu
  • That is all. Carry on.

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  1. -Stop it, you’re making me hungry.
    -Sorry, still love my Wii more.
    -I suppose that you aren’t addicted to DDR like I am. I think I’m worse than a geek.
    -Hope you feel better soon. I need to quit smoking. Can’t believe I haven’t by now.
    -Good luck on the non-resolutions!
    -Look forward to the photos.
    -:( I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in several years! Next time I am in LA, I am making a resolution to see something at the Arclight. And I’ll tell you what I think of NCFOM when it comes out on DVD.
    -Radiohead is awesome squared. Possibly even cubed.
    -I turned off my satellite in November… and I haven’t missed it yet.
    -Good thing about you turning 30 in 6 months… you turn 30 before I do!! Feel like a grownup yet? I don’t.
    -I have never seen Lost. Can’t start now, I’d be Lost.
    -I heard Cloverfield is good. Although again, I won’t know until it comes out on DVD.
    -Yes, I’m bored, that is all. :) Happy New Year!

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