I got Tagged?

September 4, 2008 at 10:10 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Nearly a year ago, Michael over at Crufbox tagged me with a Meme started by some guy I don’t know asking for the last 5 songs purchased on the iTunes music store.   I’m not entirely sure how I missed this as I remember reading his post about it.  In fact the only way I discovered this was by seeing a very old incoming link in my WordPress dashboard (which I obviously never visit.) So, 11.5 months later, here is my reply to the tag:

It turns out the last 5 songs I bought were all early album tracks from Jethro Tull in preparation for seeing them play the Greek Theater a couple of weeks ago.

A more interesting answer would probably be what the last 5 songs that I purchased were when I was actually TAGGED with this Meme…  But I think that data might be lost to the ether as we’ve had a Harddrive crash and system restore on one machine where our iTunes lib lives and of course I left my old job where the other lived…  I’ll check the iPod for songs added around that time when I’m next in my car.

I’m not sure what the protocol for reviving a long-dead (?) meme is, but I’m going to throw out some tags anyway!  I’d tag my wife, but her answer would be the same as mine, and I’d tag Matt, but I know that he doesn’t listen to music (!?) and the whole new-dad thing probbaly wouldn’t leave him time for memes.  So how’s about:  Cath, Jodi, and Matthew.



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  1. Will do, sir! I’m right in the middle of a ‘Stuff I’m Grateful For’ thing in the days leading up to my birthday on Friday, but this gives me something to look forward to the day after. Please look for it Saturday the 13th. :D

  2. omg i’m three days late. tonight!

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