What’s in Your Car?

June 5, 2007 at 12:18 pm | Posted in Scion | 1 Comment

The question was posed on some blog, and thought I’d answer (and ask it) here.

The Scion has no real trunk, and I like to keep the hatch-area free of crap in case I fold the seats down or need it to carry stuff.  There IS a storage bin under the hatch-floor, in which I carry:  quick-detailer spray and micro-fiber cloths, the Scion manual and first aid kit, and  an umbrella.  I keep meaning to add a change of clothes to that compartment.  In the glove-box I’ve got Emergency Nuts, dried-out wipes, microfiber cloths,2 pair of trashed sunglasses, my car’s wallet, tire gauge, and a pad.  The center console holds my iPod and Sat-radio remote, a sharpie, Lego Batman, my car’s journal, a Hipster PDA, coin-sorter-thingy, mini-sharpie, mints, kleenex, and my phone-charger.  Under the passenger seat is a mini tool-kit and behind my seat my plug-in cooler.

Just the essentials.


5k and Change

February 12, 2007 at 5:21 pm | Posted in Scion | 1 Comment

5k and Change
Originally uploaded by OctopusHat.

I noticed this morning that I’ve rolled-past 5,000 miles in the (still unnamed) xA in about 5 months of ownership. I’m still loving it just as much as day-one. It is so much fun to drive that I actually don’t dread the drive-to-work in the mornings, and that is saying a lot. The iPod integration i with the stereo is a great feature and having 20+ gigabytes of music on-tap is fantastic.

I recently got grease-monkey on it and installed a Progress Tech rear anti-sway bar. This is a thick steel bar that bolts up under the rear suspension components to increase stiffness in the torsion-beam rear axle. This reduces the FWD car’s under steer and makes the car corner “flatter” (less lean when turning.) Basically it makes the car handle (even more) like a go-kart. The install was ridiculously easy, I was actually able to complete it on my lunch-break with enough time left over for a test-drive. (I wish I had taken some pics of the car up on ramps in the warehouse here at work, but I didn’t have the camera that day…)

The MPG has improved since those initial weeks of driving. Some combination of adjusting my driving-style and engine break-in results in an average of 25MPG on my traffic-bogged 7 mile commute. Though on no-traffic days (like over the holidays) I can easily see over 30MPG. The car isn’t really built for freeway cruising as the transmission is geared short for in-town pep, but on a recent drive over 15 miles of the 101 I hit 40MPG, and that is nothing to scoff at. The Scion xA might not be a hot-rod, but it deserves respect as a refined and fun to drive car on LA’s mean streets.

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